Making a Shoulder Rig for a DSLR Camera: DIY Equipment

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Making a Shoulder Rig for a DSLR Camera: DIY Equipment

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32 Responses to “Making a Shoulder Rig for a DSLR Camera: DIY Equipment”
  1. Houghton Productions says:

    Why didn’t you just spray paint it??

  2. videochemist says:

    A shoulder mount needs a counter weight. You should not be supporting the
    weight of the camera with your hands/arms.

  3. Sean Davis says:

    Wanted to express my thanks to you guys for helping me build something
    amazing and helpful to my videos. Thanks so much!

  4. BritxBrat2Fashion says:

    aww i dont see it on the website…

  5. XYZ Films says:

    cant you just spray paint it?

  6. Ana Gabriela Rosas says:

    Hola! Para los que me preguntaron, les dejo los links de los
    estabilizadores que nos compartió Giuseppe Badalamenti en otro curso.
    – Opción 1:
    Making a Shoulder Rig for a DSLR Camera: DIY Equipment – Opción 2:
    how to DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig for under $10 – Opción 3:
    $25 DIY Dual Shoulder Mount

  7. BelgianBeats says:

    Don’t you need a counterweight at the other end of the rig? Great video!

  8. VascularBro says:

    Wow I’m impressed with the design, it’s simple to make, Only 15 dollars at
    Home Depot I spent, it’s more than a shoulder rig, you can transform it and
    use it for low shots. Better than the really Complicated ones to make, I
    will give a list on how I made mine, just ask.

  9. karen gutierrez says:

    HI there can I just ask which is the camera and lens that the girl is
    using? Thanks

  10. AzubiTV says:

    We love your Video!
    Here we got a nice workshop with our shoulder rig:

  11. Bowtech2 says:

    You can also use Rod wrap for fishing rods, comes in a lot of colors, also
    adds padding for the shoulder. Man I love this Chanel..

  12. Micah Knowles says:

    Thanks a lot!

  13. George Khelashvili says:

    Hello, If this DIY will work sony nex vg 10? 

  14. VascularBro says:

    This is only good for Temporary use or if you a kid or just want to film
    something with a cheap affordable shoulder rig, I want a professional
    Shoulder Rig, but this helps me for now.

  15. BritxBrat2Fashion says:

    this is awesome! I will be making a purchase!! lol!! there’s just some
    people that dont have the patience and time to get these things.. just like
    some people dont have the patiences & time to make clothes (something that
    i do)…

  16. Urbies says:

    Check out my DIY shoulder rig! youll like it 

  17. Jordan Dick says:

    This is an excellent video on how to build a shoulder rig for your camera
    for about 10 bucks.

    If you do any video work that requires movement of the camera, then a rig
    is what you need to stabilize your camera and smooth things out. But those
    can be expensive. This is an excellent alternative.

    Making a Shoulder Rig for a DSLR Camera: DIY Equipment

  18. Another Idea says:

    Well done, JP! :) I’m making one today. This is brilliant and simple and
    just what I need for the llittle concert I’ll be filming this weekend.
    Hope all’s well, brother!

  19. josh wright says:

    Would a mount like this work for a prosumer camcorder similar to a
    panasonic ac90?

  20. Seanny D says:

    Oh my god, at first, I was skeptical that this would be difficult and the
    rig would be inefficient for video, but looking at the process and the rig
    in action, I think I’m gonna go to Home Depot soon. This should hold me off
    until I buy an official rig later on in the future.

  21. thetruth says:

    look at the camera girl shes not using the handles because she still needs
    to focus but I will make one to see for myself Thanks for idea. Oh what
    DSLR are you using for the recording ?? And are you guys in NY??

  22. ThatGuyWalkingBy says:

    May I ask what song you used in the beginning of this video? 

  23. Ismael Brito says:

    excelente! gostei!

  24. YHN DR says:


  25. borard alessandro says:

    Why ring are not use ?

  26. Ashley H Stowick says:

    *If you have a little understanding of how your camera works, and what
    functions are available to you, like how it deals with light e.g. shutter,
    aperture and ISO. Then a lot more shooting opportunities become available
    to you, and you are able to shoot in low light, night and sport photography
    situations with confidence.*

  27. Javier Celedon says:

    Nice video, greetings from mexico, i have that camera and i love it… Its
    a little bit old but its okey for me… What do you think about that

  28. Javier Celedon says:
  29. ipanase megison says:

    thanks sir 60D :D

  30. Trick Photography 101 says:

    The best thing about this type of photography is that anyone with a DSLR
    camera can start doing it with a little bit of photo editing effects. You
    will only need to invest in a few other things to get started.

  31. 2nd_PLATOON says:

    360p ……please

  32. Parham Baker says:

    Good tutorial. Just got my 60D and this is a great help!!!

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